How to Monetize Your Traffic with Adsterra Ads

In this tutorial, you will learn how to monetize your website’s traffic with Adsterra advertisements. Adsterra provides publishers around the world with over 12 different types of advertisements, including the revolutionary new social bar advertisement.

Before you start

First, ensure you have signed up with Adsterra, and have at least one site approved on it. Note that your site is approved instantly, without having to insert any code into your website.

For optimal revenue, ensure you have implemented ads.txt into your site’s root directory.


Once signed in, go the the “websites” section of your console. Under the desired website, click the Add code button. A window should appear. We now need to choose the desired ad type. For now, let’s just choose a simple 728x90 px banner ad. Choose the ad type, and select the types of campaigns you want to restrict (I recommend restricting adult & alert ads), and hit the add button.

It may take a short while for the ad unit to show as “active” under your website. You may need to wait up to 10-15 seconds, and refresh the page. Once your ad unit is listed as active, hit the Get code button. This code will need to be inserted into your site. It depends on the type of ad unit you have selected, but, if you have chosen a banner ad of some type, you can just paste the code where you would like the ad to appear.

If you chose a different type of ad unit, for example, the social bar, you will need to paste the code above the </body> tag.


What should you do if your ad units do not show? Don’t fret, here is how to fix the most common issues:

  • You are using an adblocker which is enabled. Disable the adblocker.
  • No ads are available to be served. Have you added ads.txt?
  • You did not put the code in the correct position. Refer to the code installation instructions, which are located to the left of the code.
  • You’re using an ad unit that you cannot see 100% of the time, such as the social bar. The social bar may take a few seconds to pop up.
  • Please ensure you are not using a proxy, vpn, or the Tor browser. Statement from Adsterra: “We do not show ads for proxy / vpn / tor traffic since adverts want to buy real US traffic and not IN traffic with US proxy. We constantly work on by passing browser ad blocker plugins but there are a lot of them and certain ones can block our banner and popunder ads.”

Nothing works? See our full article on how to fix this issue.

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