Solved: Audio is Very Loud in Gamemaker Studio 2

Question: Why is the audio so loud in my game made with Gamemaker Studio 2?


You may have this issue for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons, and solutions are as follows:

1) Audio is playing multiple times

Your audio may be playing multiple times. Use audio_is_playing(sound_id) to check if that sound is playing before you play it again. For example,

  audio_play_sound(snd_waterfall, 15, 0);

2) Sound volume is at maximum volume in-editor

The sound volume may be at maxiumum volume in the editor. Simply decrease the volume there.

Gamemaker Studio 2 volume editor

3) Audio file is corrupt

Your audio file may be corrupt. Reload the audio file.

4) Misc. fixes

If it wasn’t any of the reasons above, try doing the following:

  • Clear game cach (toolbar: build > clean)
  • Restart your computer
  • Update audio drivers

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