Resolved: Adsterra ads Aren't Showing

Are your Adsterra advertisements not showing on your website? Here is how to resolve the most common issues:

1) You have an ablocker enabled

You may have your adblocker, or other browser extensions on your browser enabled, thus blocking your ads from showing. Simply disable your adblocker and refresh the page, or open your website in a new browser.

2) No ads are available to be served.

It’s simple: ads cannot be displayed if there are no ads to be displayed. This may be because you have not added ads.txt into the root directory of your website.

3) You’re using a proxy, VPN, or the Tor browser

Adsterra doesn’t show advertisements to users using a proxy, VPN, or the Tor browser. They want to ensure their advertisements only get high-quality traffic.

Statement from Adsterra:

We do not show ads for proxy / vpn / tor traffic since adverts want to buy real US traffic and not IN traffic with US proxy. We constantly work on by passing browser ad blocker plugins but there are a lot of them and certain ones can block our banner and popunder ads.

4) Code is implemented incorrectly

You may have installed the code incorrectly, causing it to not load at all. Banner ads need to be placed within the <body> and </body> tags, whilst other ad units, like the social bar need to be placed inbetween the <head> and </head> tags. Refer to the code installation instructions, which are located to the left of the code.

5) Nothing!

There may be nothing wrong. You may be looking for an ad unit that isn’t visible 100% of the time, such as the social bar. The social bar, for example, only shows after 10-30 seconds of browsing. And the popunder ad unit doesn’t show until the user clicks.

6) Conflicting code

Some ad units, such as the popunder or direct link may not work if you have multiple of them. Ensure you only initialize the popunder, or direct link once in your code.

Help! Nothing worked! :(

If nothing has solved your issue, contact support.

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